There are lot of amazing locations wich seem perfect on the socials (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook…) and you decided to have a wedding just like one of this.

However, some of them have disadvantages which you can’t imagine while looking at your mobilephone…

Once you come directly on the spot, you really can get a better vision of what you can do with it.

That’s why you need someone experienced who knows all the flaws, advantages and possibilities of certain locations and who will know how to adapt it according to your wishes.

If you haven’t found the appropriate location in the offer, don’t hesitate to contact us with confidence to find the perfect location according to your wishes…

It could be an open-air ceremony, in a vineyard, an olive grove or a forest… on a secluded beach or in front of a small abandoned church, on the city walls of an old town, or wherever you can imagine.
A tavern (konoba) for the 20 closest guests, or a large, traditional wedding hall. All ideas are welcome.
We look forward to wandering around Istria and discovering new landscapes.

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