Planning is a very essential part of the wedding project.

Once the date is set, here comes the moment where you need a person who is familiar with locations, staff at the local registrer office, all vendors and secret details on spot…

The flowering decor implies visual details which gives each wedding a unique „stamp and signature“.

Depending on your idea and vision, the choice of flowers and decorative elements is tailored to your wishes and personality.

We’ll do our best to create a sketch of arrangements that will make your wedding “in your style.”

We do not forget to adapt to the season, the spatial conditions and the existing arrangement of your chosen location.

Especially we like to take care of the colors, the notes and the style of your wedding dress, invitations and wedding themes…

When creating the visual identity of your wedding, we always prefer natural gifts because of our love for nature and the preservance of our heritage…

With the choice of equipment and decorative elements from our offer, we complete the wedding vision from the beginning of our story.

  • Tiffany Chiavari chairs 200 pcs

  • Baldachin and arch

  • White carpet, 10 m

  • Candel holders

  • Vases and glasses and other decorative elements

  • Baldchin with white courtains, rectangular

  • Arches

  • LOVE letters, with changing colours and intensity

  • String lights

  • Frames, mirrors and holders

  • Cristal chandelier, 10 lights

  • Table plan and Welcome sign (in forex, plexiglass and printed paper)

  • Candle holders and candle sticks
  • White carpet, 10m long