Planning is a very essential part of the wedding project.

Once the date is set, here comes the moment where you need a person who is familiar with locations, staff at the local registrer office, all vendors and secret details on spot…

If you are in love with weddings like us, maybe you decided to organize it on your own.

You choose your ideal location, select the menu and caterer, your favorite band and photographer, your favorite flowers and also decorating fittings….

But, here comes The Big Day, first you have your set the make up and hairstyle date, for your Mum and bridesmadis too…

In the meantime, you dreamed wedding location starts to load with different vendors. They all do their jobs, trying to do their best.

You will need a person to communicate with all the suppliers and manage all logistic details. You want to be relaxed and in a good mood on the wedding morning, turn your mobile phone off and be sure the preparation is going to be under supervision of your confidence coordinator, due to conditions of space, the season and various unexpected situations, such as a rainy or windy day etc.

We will take care that your wedding day will run properly, in a relaxed way.

On the Big Day we will:

  • Receive and greet vendors
  • Welcome your guests and direct them to the ceremony area

  • Take care of the ceremony course and schedule.

  • Take special care of your parents and very close guests

  • Direct your guests to take a sit for the beginning of the ceremony, the congratulations moment, to the cocktail party area, to the reception hall for the dinner, the first dance…

  • Let you know when it’s time for the Big moment

  • Assist the Photographer and Videographer, making sure that your wedding dress and suit are perfect for the shooting

  • Supervise the catering staff to provide timely service and to be ready for the cutting of the cake.

  • Guide you easily through your Big day, keeping every event running on schedule

  • Be there by your side for any emergencies or unexpected cases

  • Answer guests’ questions throughout the day